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Welcome to the website of the jury of the Swiss Blues Awards. Here you will find all information about the award, as well as the results of all past nominations and awards.

The Swiss Blues Award was established in 2003 by the Bluesfestival Basel and honours people or institutions in Switzerland who have made an extraordinary contribution to the blues scene as artists or promoters. The prize is awarded annually on the first evening of the festival. The choice is made by an independent jury of experts.


Good News!

SwissBluesAwardThe Swiss Blues Award 2020 can finally be presented. The Basel Blues Festival could also not take place in April 2020 because of the Corona crisis. Practically all festivals were canceled. As a result, there was also no presentation of the Swiss Blues Award, which, as is well known, is presented as part of the Basel Festival. In 2020, the festival was initially postponed from April to December, but unfortunately, it could not be held in the end and had to be canceled again. Now it will take place from 18 to 22 December 2021.

With a delay of more than one and a half years, the Swiss Blues Award 2020 will be presented at the opening evening on 18 December 2021. More about the nominees.



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