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Welcome to the website of the jury of the Swiss Blues Awards. Here you will find all information about the award, as well as the results of all past nominations and awards.

The Swiss Blues Award was established in 2003 by the Bluesfestival Basel and honours people or institutions in Switzerland who have made an extraordinary contribution to the blues scene as artists or promoters. The prize is awarded annually on the first evening of the festival. The choice is made by an independent jury of experts.


The Swiss Blues Award has been presented since 2003. There have been 17 winners so far:

2003 Guido «Mojo» Schmidt; Fritz «Big Daddy» Jakober Lucerne Blues Festival
2004 Cla Nett Musician, Founder of the Lazy Poker Blues Band
2005 Philipp Fankhauser Musician
2006  Wale Liniger  Musician, Professor of Blues
2007  Martin Schäfer Radio editor DRS
2008  Sam Burckhardt  Musician
2009   Louis van der Haegen  Founder and President Bluesfestival Basel 
2010 Andy Egert Musician
2011  Jazz'n'More  Jazz and Blues Magazine 
2012  Bluesfestival Baden  Festival 
2013 Richard Koechli Musician and Author
2014 Rolf Winter music journalist
2015 Martin «Kari» Bründler President Lucerne Blues Festival
2016 Walter Baumgartner Musician
2017 Vallemaggia Magic Blues Festival
2018 Marco Jencarelli Musician, Producer
2019 Dinu Logoz Musician and Author
2020 Lilly Martin Singer

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