This is the website of the jury of the Swiss Blues Awards. Here you will find all information about the prize, as well as the results of all past nominations and awards.

The Swiss Blues Award was created in 2003 by the Blues Festival Basel and honours people or institutions in Switzerland who have rendered outstanding services to the blues scene as artists or patrons. The prize is awarded annually on the first evening of the festival. The prize is awarded by an independent jury of experts.


No awards ceremony this year

The 21st Blues Festival Basel could not take place in April 2020 due to the corona crisis. Nobody had any idea how the pandemic would run its course and the festival was postponed until mid-December, on the assumption that by then the problem would be overcome. Unfortunately, the course of the epidemic still does not allow for a safe planning until then. In addition, the quarantine regulations imposed on international travel jeopardise the planned performances. The festival management has therefore decided to postpone the festival by one year. It will now take place from 18 to 22 December 2021. This decision also affects the presentation of the Swiss Blues Award 2020, which will be held as part of the Basel Blues Festival. It will also be postponed by one year. The Swiss Blues Award 2020 will therefore not be presented until 18 December 2021.

Current Nominees

The nominees for the Swiss Blues Award 2020 are known! The Swiss Blues Award 2020, which traditionally takes place within...

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Current Award Winner

Award for Dinu Logoz On 9 April 2019, the Swiss Blues Award was presented for the 17th time. The winner...

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Bisherige Preisträger EN

The Swiss Blues Award has been presented since 2003. There have been 17 winners so far: 2003 Guido «Mojo» Schmidt;...

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