Award for Dinu Logoz

On 9 April 2019, the Swiss Blues Award was presented for the 17th time.

The winner is Dinu Logoz, born in 1951. As a man of the first hour of the Swiss blues scene, he has been committed to the blues since the seventies as a musician, bandleader, songwriter, label manager and book author. With his band Freeway 75 he had recorded the first single in 1973 and the first LP of a Swiss blues band in 1974. He also became known as the author of the first authorized biography of John Mayall, one of his great role models. After an absence of about ten years on stage, he has been active again since 2016 and, together with Röbi "Goofy" Egloff, has launched the Swiss Blues Legends project, which organises gigs with major Swiss blues musicians.



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